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3D Advertising


Boost your Revenue with 3D Advertising

Are you familiar with 3D Advertising? If you aren’t, then you’re probably still stuck with flat 2D posters and expensive TV and radio ads which cater to a limited audience. Don’t be left behind. The biggest companies are employing 3D Advertising efforts now because consumers simply just can’t get enough of it.

Proof of the trend

Aside from the growing number of 3D Advertising efforts the past few years, you should also look at the trends in the media and technology. People are spending money on 3D movies, gadgets with 3D designs, and even 3D pop-out picture books for children. While it’s true that the 3D technology is not exactly new (your parents, when they were teens, bought into the same hype as well), 3D effects are still undeniably hot. If you employ 3D effects on your advertising efforts, you’re sure to catch your target consumer’s attention.

What options do you have?

You have a lot of format options for your 3D Advertising tools. You can employ 3D effects on posters, design 3D miniature models of properties that are still under construction, use oversized 3D icons for bus shelters, render your brand icon as a 3D taxi top, or make 3D barricade design for a large-scale advertising effort during an event. The possibilities are truly endless. Even with a limited budget, you should be able to pull off 3D Advertising as long as you have the right concept and you’re working with the right team of 3D graphic artists.

Short term vs. Long Term Advertising

When you’re employing 3D marketing tools, you always have to look at the promotion period you’re given. There are short term and long term three-dimensional marketing tools you can employ. 3D event barricades, for example, are short-term marketing tools. However, if you invest in good materials for these 3D walls, you can reuse them again in a similar event. 3D posters are also short term marketing tools, but they’re usually very cheap, so it’s alright to use them for only one to two weeks. They’re also more impressive than 2D posters so they make for the great short term promotional items.

Long term advertising tools in 3D may cost you more money, so you need to be very careful while you’re conceptualizing the design for these items. For example, a 3D bus shelter will cost more than a 3D poster, but it will be able to promote your products for months instead of a few weeks. The design needs to be impressive and timeless so that it will always have a strong positive impact on your consumers. Make sure it’s not an eyesore. You’d want them to be amused and enticed by your creation, not annoyed by it.

The same goes for 3D taxi tops. You should also consider the structure of the taxi model while you’re thinking about the design for the taxi tops. Also, you should adhere to specific outdoor advertising rules, especially when you’re advertising on a vehicle. Because of vertical clearance limitations in some roads, your taxi top may be limited to a specific height. Keep this in mind without sacrificing the aesthetic side of your design.