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3D Marketing


How Far 3D Applications Can Get You: Limitless Advertising

Advertising works based on how well you can grab your target demographics attention, and how long you can keep it; every second counts, and double-takes are a dream come true. As long as you maintain a fresh vibe, your message will always come across well to the general public. This is why it’s so important for you, as a marketer, to explore the freshest graphic techniques when it comes to your advertising tools. Using 3D Applications on what you once thought were just conventional formats for marketing, can provide real results you wouldn't normally receive.

Unlimited designs

There are so many formats you can put 3D Applications to. If you thought you can only use 3D Applications on posters, think again. A lot of companies are converting their small-scale concept to large-scale 3D Applications. Among the biggest markets you can tap into are people who are on the road. Billboards most certainly aren’t the only media for this kind of advertising. You should explore the possibility of posting your ad not just on the bus shelter but as a bus shelter itself.

Confused? One of the most popular 3D Applications you’ll find today is a 3D bus shelter. It can be a simple paneling work with realistic 3D graphics surrounding the walls of the shelter so that the people waiting inside the shelter feel immersed in the experience of your advertisement. You can also be expressionistic about it and turn the 3D bus shelter into a giant oven or refrigerator, depending on what food product you’re trying to sell.

Oversized models of your products are both humorous and impressive. With close-ups of freshly-baked donuts, for example, who wouldn’t be tempted to drop by your store for a quick snack? When you’re applying three dimensional applications on functional facilities like bus shelters, you should always take full advantage of its original shape rather than completely altering the design.

You can work with any budget

Remember, with 3D marketing you can be as extravagant or as economical as you want when you’re choosing your marketing tools. You just need to find the right team of talented graphic artists to work with and you’ll be just fine, even if you’re working with a pretty small budget. Give your chosen team a list of the things you’re trying to achieve via your 3D advertising idea. Talk them through the limitations of your budget, and see what formats are possible.

You should also be clear about your market plan, and the length of your promotional period. If it’s a long-term advertisement, you might want to consider signing up a contract with them which includes repairs and maintenance. Consider how much it would cost you if this is added into the bag. If they give it out for free, then the deal is even sweeter.

Finally, look for a team that specializes in three-dimensional ads. Some graphic agencies might work wonders with broadcast or print media, but you need to remember that 3D is a totally different genre. You’re not the first company to employ 3D effects on your work, so it’s not enough that you sign up with a mediocre team. You need to beat your competition.