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The Future of Graphic Advertising
3D-Vacuprint is a Flix FX, Inc. company.

3D-Vacuprint is at the forefront of pushing the boundaries of graphic advertising and promotions with 3D Printing and 3D Display Marketing. We believe that our process is the future of signage and display advertising. We have created a patented process where we can take an image and make it "pop" out from its background up to seventeen inches creating a real 3D effect where the image practically jumps out of the material.

This is done without losing clarity and the registration of the original image. This is not traditional 3D printing, not lenticular, no illusions, just real dimensional imaging.

That’s 3D imagery: No glasses necessary!

3D-Vacuprint spent over 3 years of research and development to come up with our patented process to allow us to print on various materials including: styrene, plexi, Fire rated ABS and Specialty Thermoplastic Sheets as well as many others. 

We are the industry’s solution to “advertising blindness” where we create novel 3D advertising and unique marketing campaigns that attract attention and invite customer interaction. With traditional "flat" advertising present everywhere, the value of an eye catching 3D graphical display becomes more important as it elevates your marketing campaigns to higher levels of customer impressions and goal conversions. 
A majority of our work is with advertising companies looking for a fresh take on proven methodologies like 3D point of purchase displays, 3D marketing mailers, 3D posters, 3D taxi tops , 3D bus shelters, and other 3D indoor & outdoor advertising . The applications are bound only by your imagination and creativity.  From a few 3D posters to nationwide 3D Graphic roll-outs we can and have managed small scale and nationwide campaigns to great success.

The future of graphic advertising is ready now and it is 3D printing refined and developed by 3D-Vacuprint. We take pride in every 3D creation that comes from our shop and we would be delighted to discuss your ideas with you.  Consider contacting us to see how 3D-Vacuprint can help you with your 3D advertising and 3D marketing projects.